Top Features

Designed for Magento

This module special developed for Magento only. Use for both Magento Enterprise and Magento Community Edition.

Responsive and Touchable

Adapts to any screen size on all touch devices, laptops and desktop screens, supported touch and swiping.

Animated Layers

You can easily add image, html formatted texts and video layers over each slide and each layer accepts unique animation parameters: animation effect, duration, delay, etc.


The slider gives you the option of adding hotspots to each slide to show the related tooltip while mouse is over that hotspot, tooltip accepts html content as well as images in any sizes.

Smart Preloading

This slider gives you three options for image preloading. Preload all (preloads all images before initialize), instant initialize (preloads images in sequence), and loads nearby (loads slides beside current slide).

Videos/ Video background

Youtube and Vimeo are supported. Also it supports custom iframe, so it can show videos from any video sharing services


It works with any size of images. It supports five image alignment methods (fill, fit, stretch, center and tile). You can insert multiple instances of slider in any size into your page.

Drag & Drop Layers

You can create many layers for each slide and you will be able to drag and drop the layer to update correct possition without manual calculating it.

Cross Browser

It works perfectly in major types of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7+ and Opera.

Seo Friendly

This slider is SEO friendly, you can use any type of html elements (headings, paragraph, lists …) in slider markup, and they will be visible to search engines.

Smart Managing

Easy to manage slider, slide and layers with difference template and animations. No hidden contents.

Fully Customizable

Each part of the slider can be changed easily.